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The market has been climbing slowly after the opening selling which set the morning's low. From this point on the strength will be challenged as over 800 lots are waiting to be sold from this level to 140.00. Selling is present in the forward months as well. However with enough buying power the market can exceed 140.00. Systems will enter the market at 8:00 but as we see in the COT every other sector is waiting to sell their longs. Index funds also increased their long position but there's no way of knowing how many lots are futures purchased in the market, how many are in the form ow new options and how many lots represent a higher delta as a result of higher prices. The Sep arb is 41.84 indicating a stronger kc. BRL is quiet at 3.1327 and COP is 3000.5. The $ is up against all currencies except for the ¥ and bonds are around unchanged. All metals are strong and higher with gold trailing and slightly lower. Grains are down as oil again is looking to break 50.00. Equities are higher.

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Market *PIC*
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