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CEPEA: Status of Activity

CEPEA: Lack of Selling Supports Robusta Prices in Brazil, Arabica Prices Also Climb

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – According to the latest report from Brazil’s Center of Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (CEPEA), now that the Robusta crop is entirely harvested in Espirito Santo, producers have exited the market, turning their focus to the 2018-2019 crop. Because of this, sales remain limited and prices have moved higher on the domestic market.

On Tuesday, August 1, CEPEA / ESALQ Indicator of Robust type 6 closed at R $ 415.10 / bag of 60 kg, up 0.77% from last week.

As for Arabica, the prices rose in the last week, reflecting the decline of producers, who remain focused on harvesting, deliveries of contracted products and waiting for higher values. On Tuesday, August 1, CEPEA / ESALQ Indicator of type 6 closed at R $ 460.07 / bag of 60 kg, 3.23% higher than last week.

Alexis Rubinstein