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Safras: Harvest

Safras & Mercado: Brazil’s 2017-2018 Coffee Crop 80 Percent Harvested

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – According to the latest survey from Safras & Mercado, Brazil’s 2017-2018 coffee harvest is now 80% completed as of August 1st. This is up from the 73% completed last week. This is also slightly higher than the pace of last year, when 76% of the harvest was complete. The five-year average for the harvest is also 76% completed by this time.

Based on the firm’s estimate of total production to be 51.1 million bags, this would indicate that 40.7 million bags have been harvested thus far.

According to the consultant of Safras & Mercado, Gil Barabach, the harvest has progressed well with the help of dry weather but farmers continue to report concerns regarding a smaller than expected crop. Farmers have been reporting smaller beans which would impact total volumes as a result of a coffee borer beetle infestation.

The Arabica harvest progressed 8 percentage points in the week, reaching 74% completed. As a result, the work continues to be ahead of the pace of last year (69%) and well accelerated compared to the historical average for the period, which is around 67%.

For Conilon, the harvest is towards completion, reaching 98%, which corresponds to an advance of 2 percentage points compared to last week.

Alexis Rubinstein