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Somar: Addressing the Dry Weather

Somar Meteorologia: Weather Not Expected to Have Significant Impact Brazil’s 2018-2019 Coffee Crop

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – With reports of dry weather for Brazil’s coffee belt circulating the media, Marcio Custódio, Director of Operations of Somar Meteorologia, tells CoffeeNetwork today in an interview that this is typical of this time of year, and should not cause concerns in regards to the development of the 2018-2019 coffee crop.

“This period of year is the dry season in coffee areas. It is normal in coffee areas,” he says. “Some areas in Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo had less than 25mm in July.” He also notes that, especially in the Southeast of the country, this dry weather has helped both the harvest of the 2017-2018 crop and the drying of the coffee.

According to Custódio, rains should return again in October. “The rainy season may be a little delayed, around 1 to 2 weeks,” he notes, “however, before that, we are expected to have some periods with showers.” Between August 18th and August 22nd, forecasts show a chance of rain in some of the coffee regions.

Some rainfall is also expected in September as well, “which could induce the first flowering of the 2018-2019 crop, with a high risk of abortion from that flowering,” he says.

Overall, he says that the start of the rainy season tends to be very irregular historically, beginning in some regions and not in others. “A delay of the rainy season by a few weeks or some abortion of flowering shouldn’t impact the crop too much,” he says. “The next crop is still expected to be a super crop.”

Alexis Rubinstein