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Weekly Short Report Terra Forte

Dear friends,

Brazil National Tree – Ypê

The unforgettable Mr. Decio Ribeiro and Mr. Guilherme Ribeiro used to say. Certainly all coffee community must miss them a lot.

“ O Ypê floriu, inverno foi para P.Q.P.”

A bit spicy in Portuguese due to their unique and very funny sense of humor, but literally it means the winter season finishes when Ypê blossoms and it did. Frost risks over.
Now we just hope for a normal start of Spring rains to secure a very nice crop next year. It is all we need.

Some demand abroad this week with buyers being able to get some good offers from more aggressive exporters but overall differentials remain very tight for the time of the year. With Europe in full vacation mood it will take more time to see more movements.

Producers taking advantage of better ICE market to lock some volume for 18/19 deliveries at good prices. Nearby market also bit more active with Fine cup lots being traded at around R$ 500,00. Hats off to Brazilian producers, they are handling their coffees pretty well.

Harvesting basically finished with producers focusing on lifting coffees from the ground only.

According to Cecafe July ended up with 1.750.000 bags shipped including all categories.

Wishing a nice weekend

Terra Forte Trading Desk