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Weekly Short Report Terra Forte

Dear friends,

We are not yet singing in the rain, but according to most of the institutes you can dust off your Gene Kelly shoes and umbrella to enjoy the weekend. Hopefully they are correct.

First drops have fallen although the coverage was very irregular and amounts ranging from 0 to 5 mm with few exceptions at 10mm.
In short, so far was a non-event. From today until October 08th very good amounts are foreseen.

Nothing much going on again, some bits and pieces for new crop and fill-ins for nearby positions. Very tight differentials for all descriptions. Producers remain proud sellers only releasing some lots for immediate needs.

Next week we will be attending Swiss Coffee Dinner. A very nice opportunity to meet old friends and to get a better view of what is going on with European market.

Wishing you a very nice weekend

Terra Forte Trading Desk