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OI/Market *PIC*

We continue to see a rising OI. We know that systems are new sales and commercials are new buyers. It would be nice to know what other players are doing, buying new or selling new. It is certain that much of the buying is delta related and applicable to both commercials and specs. Whatever the motivation to buy from the systems is, it is certain that we are seeing the photo negative of what we saw 2 COT reports ago where all sectors were liquidating as systems bought. The rains seem to be a big point of interest but IMO current rains and future rains are in the market. Commercial buying across the board is not discouraged by the rains. Next point if focus will be production estimates. Will the 59.50 mm bag hold up after comments by cooperatives of up to 20% loss because of broca and extended dry weather?

For now the pressure continues and the market is on automatic mode where the only factor that matters is momentum and price. Need to wait for other participants to show themselves. BRL is 3.1700 +.0073. Bond futures are looking good. The $ is quiet. Actually the € has stopped falling after the Catalonia situation. Softs are all down for now.