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Cooxupe: Comments on Flowering

Cooxupe: Significant Flowering of Brazil’s 2018-2019 Crop Expected in Coming Days

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – Rains have begun falling in the main coffee producing regions in Brazil, Carlos Paulino de Costa, President of Cooxupe, tells CoffeeNetwork in an interview today. “The first flowering, which occurred in mid-September was insignificant,” he says. “The significant flowering for the 2018-2019 crop will probably occur next week.”

September was dry for the coffee belt, with high temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius many days, Paulino says. “Because of this, we have seen leaves fall from the trees (defoliation).” The damaged trees are not expected to see a recovery, he notes, but further analysis will be needed in November and December.

Cooxupe also saw adverse weather conditions impact the previous crop, with production levels 15% less in 2017-2018 than estimated.

Alexis Rubinstein