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Re: CECAFE Brazilian daily export certificate

Hello Flavio,

I think the vector in your graph points slightly too high of approx 3,1M on 21st day (3,2M on 22nd day), whereas
simple average for 21 working days so far with 404k issued certificates/3 days points to 2,83M (or 2,96 on 22nd day - I am not sure how many days have BR this month)

Also your last months approximation was little bit exaggerated and reality was closer to my 2,6M working-days-adjusted approximation.
Not mentioning that the exercised certificates were as of yesterday as low as 2 086 301 bags.

I am not saying that there is no way to cross 3M this month, but IMO it is fair to point out that the current figures are still below that number.

Best regards

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