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US Commerce Dept: Imports, ICO: Exports

US Coffee Imports Rise in August

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – According to the latest data from the US Commerce Department, coffee imports into the US totaled 90,055,718 kilograms in August, up from the 88,743,623 kilograms imported the month prior. This brought total imports for the first eight months of the 2017 calendar year to 743,022,44 kilograms.

The largest exporting countries were Colombia with 25,851,634 kilograms, Brazil with 20,989,703 kilograms, and Guatemala with 7,995,242 kilograms.

Alexis Rubinstein


ICO: Coffee Exports Fall 8% in August Year on Year

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – The latest data from the International Coffee Organization (ICO) shows that world coffee exports amounted to 9.87 million bags in August 2017, down 8.3% compared with 10.77 million in August 2016.

Exports in the first 11 months of coffee year 2016/17 (Oct/16 to Aug/17) have increased by 5.8% to 113.28 million bags compared to 107.05 million bags in the same period in the last coffee year.

In the twelve months ending August 2017, exports of Arabica totaled 77.73 million bags compared to 71.43 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 45.34 million bags compared to 44.57 million bags.

Alexis Rubinstein