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More Rain Needed In Brazil

Flowerings will begin late in the weekend and into next week, under dry conditions. Most locations got between 40 and 80 mm. Please Brazilian friends, correct me if I am wrong. I did not see accumulated over 80 mm but there might be. Input is welcome. The soil was very dry, and the trees water reserves non existent. Plant uptake from whatever fell was fast, but it did rain enough to maintain moisture a few days and replenish the trees water reserves. Now onto the flowering, at what point does the lack of follow on rains become critical again ? I would have thought 30 days, but given the state of trees and how dry it was, it might only be 15 days.

Let´s talk a bit about the nature of the rain. The received amounts were a strike of good luck provided by an unusually strong cold front making its way to the tropics very late in the season. As air was very hot, the rising uplifting of the hot air gave way to vertical development clouds and convective activity, causing widespread rain that traveled up north through all coffee areas. Now this front is past, and dry air again returning.

The Amazonic jungle humid flow is not activated yet. It should be for a normal rainy pattern and it is not.

Any concerns yet ?