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Slave Labor: Coffee Production & Prices

Leverage and profitable trading requires a non-long term outlook and awareness of the COT, the technical picture, weather and of course momentum.

At the same time, credible forecasting requires one to separate the short term picture form the long term dynamics.

Origin production is clearly on the rise, particularly among small farmers in poor countries. At the same time, today’s coffee prices cannot sustain a reasonable standard of living at the farm level.

The long term picture, and charts, continue to nip at our heels. In short, in WHAT COUNTRIES AND REGIONS COMPATIBLE WITH COFFEE PRODUCTION ARE HOME TO SMALL FARMERS STILL WILLING TO WORK FOR SLAVE LABOR WAGES. As Alf says, work from sunrise to sunset for a bowl or rice.

Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar come to mind, but what about Africa, China, Central America and South America?

Complicating the picture, slave labor could also be geared towards alternative crops. The new trade routes out of China, including SE Asia, should also not be taken lightly

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