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Re: Hard Data Doesn't Exist/Brazil and its floweri


I agree with you, reliable data, this is the biggest problem, if you see the message I posted on the Peabirus Coffee Social Network, you'll see that I draw attention to greater efficiency in the data that CONAB should investigate.

If I was absolutely sure that the amount harvested in 2016/17 was only 49.73 MM, surely the 2017/18 harvest would be close to 40 MM and the coming harvest, 2018/19 would be near the harvest of 49, 73 MM produced in 2016/17.

With these numbers, world production will be extremely poor, and buying KC at $ 1,3200 would be Santa's greatest gift.

I divulged the data of DERIVED BRAZILIAN CROP , because as a coffee market scholar, I think all data is important.

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