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FOMC minutes

FOMC Minutes:
- Many Officials See Rate Hike As Warranted This Year
- Many Officials Concerned That Low Inflation Is Not Only Transitory
- Most Officials See Wages Rising As Labour Mkt Strengthens
- Several Officials See Rate Hike Being Data Dependent
- Storms To Have Effect On Next Few Inflation Reports
- Some Officials See Financial Conditions Poising Risks To Stability
- Hurricanes Unlikely To Knock Economy Off Track
- Patience Warranted’ While Assessing Inflation
- Some Officials Point To Upside Inflation Risks; Citing Tight Jobs

Some FOMC Officials Concerned Inflation Still Running Below Trarget

CME Group's FedWatch: Fed Funds Futures Imply Traders See 88% Chance Of Fed Hike In December

*Worth noting the dollar has again softened. Metals are pushing higher, as GC is now $3 above todays settlement.

Good trading.