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Big physical buyers -- ( Prussians Iberian and romans) have been active this week desperately searxhing for larger screen sizes for immediate shipment -- out of the blue suggesting
A. Defaults from the viet Cong Traders
B. Potential worries that Dec shipments are going to be an illusion thus preventing Traders to take their Sanya Claus holidays early and having to actually work for the first time ( we at origin slave it every day) during the Santa Claus season and having to face irate coffee burners in January.

NB. It is quasi impossible to get any screen 16.18 in unsold stock in European warehouses.

NB2. When idiotic Traders call with no repect for the sanctity of sleep or the knowlesdge of time zone diffference at midnight screaming for Vietnam robusta immediate shipments you know they got pasted by the viet cong.

How November is not yet squeezed is a mystery.

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