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OI/Market *PIC*

The OI increased again but this time on a down market. The players remain a mystery and so analysis is difficult. Likely yesterday new specs, including systems, sold mostly to commercials. There has been no evidence of any degree of liquidation by the longs who dramatically increased their positions in the COT report. Even the commercials who mostly bought based on delta did not appear to sell their longs but probably increased their shorts. As a result, the buyers are not as eager this time around as the market drifts lower. Possibly the new sellers will need to cover. For now there is continued weakness. Any rally so far has not been impressive. Fake bids have been appearing and are cancelled immediately as the market approaches them. The DecMar is -3.80 last and much thinner than it usually is. Presently Dec is trading at 126.70. Let’s see if this rally holds. BRL is 3.1709 -.0021