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Hi Alf. Good call with the chart. As to the COT, yet it was bullish because commercials and specs bought from funds and other specs. Yes it was bearish because many sectors became significant longs. The days immediately afterwards increased the same positions. This week however the OI increased as the market rose. Who can tell who the players have been. Very likely commercials sold above 130.00, among others. Yesterday the OI was up again but in a down market. Observed by myself and others it appeared that commercials bought. The sellers were new, of course, and this could be a friendly factor for the market. I truly don't believe that anyone waits until the cutoff period of the COT to make trading decisions. Presently the market had a nice move higher and it is now trying to decide what to do. Systems selling is continuous and the buying sporadic but we'll see. There have been greater forces than the systems lately. BTW systems reversal should be around 130.50. GT

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