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I&M On Asian/Chinese Production & Consumption

The Asian Coffee Association was formally established in Mangshi City in Southwest China yesterday, with this association representing over twenty Asian countries. This association which intends to formulate standards for coffee and more important to exchange information between the members, has to be a positive factor for the further development of coffee farming practices within some of the still relatively low yielding producers, while encouraging good coffee farming practices for the relatively new Asian countries to the industry.

Making one think that Asia and with already an approximate 30% share of global coffee production, while being the leading region in terms of rising global coffee consumption, has the potential to significantly increase its share of both production and consumption.

When reading this, note that CTF contributors generally malign any posting that talks about Chinese coffee production. Equally as important, the growing Chinese role as a marketing/transportation facilitator of all Asian coffee production is also dismissed. That doesn't, however, change the developing trends.