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OT: coin news

For those who occasionally follow the cryptocurrency market

BTC early today briefly shot up to 10 873 USD just to hit few profit take orders and quickly return back to 10 100 USD mark.
Interestingly, a new wave of buying immediately showed up and BTC is steadily climbing to 10 500 USD since then.
IMO, if BTC remains above iconic 10k price in coming days, it would open way further up to 15k USD.
I count on psychology of the crowd here rather than rational technical analysis, as it is what seems to drive BTC up for the most part of the year.
Considering the overall market value of BTC, I think there is still a lot of speculative money out there not yet in BTC but considering a try.
And I am not necessarily talking about big Wall street sharks, I rather see potential at high number of retail investors unwinding part of capital from equity for a coin gamble.
That would be interesting because it seems that almost everyone is talking about cryptos now.. and the pressure of missing the lifetime opportunity is building up.


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