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Hello Tango,

I am sorry for perhaps not expressing myself accurately.
I did not mean THE institutional investors to jump in, the big ones, who have or should have internal rules to avoid such risky assets.
But there are many small funds that are fairly attracted to cryptos ONLY because of their rocket like rise this year.
And you can tell from the amount of articles and interview in various media even those like CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg,...
that it attracts their attention.. fair to say for both long and short potential.
And those I think are certainly already building positions or very much tempted to do so.
Compared to retail investors / cryptocoin believers, even a small funds have power to buy thousands of BTC and propel market further up.
But they are not stupid so I guess they will wait for next correction. Thats what I meant speculative money willing to give it a try.
In this sense it will become real bubble at some point because that would be the new game plan.
But, I think we are still not there yet, IMO. Also naked shorting is kind of scary right now, so algos cannot be fully utilized.
Currently, for what I read in various forums, many investors are ordinary guys, just highly educated financially secured individuals who are not yet wealthy enough to buy themselves a Ferrari or Lambo but dream about one.
And they spotted a chance in this technology and invested relatively small amounts and mostly buy-hold with setting some stop-loss orders.
Those more active ones even shift money among various coins trying to find a new BTC or ETH like rocket.
So their game plan is slightly different from what algos seem to be designed for, perhaps there is more fundamental (belief) driver in it.

That is what everyone can see today, what we do not know are answers to questions you addressed.
Is there enough of real value behind BTC? I do not know .
Is it needed or as many openly admit is it just a sort of temporary revolt against the system...?
..searching and dreaming about a way around various authorities like Central banks, governments (bad politicians) and tax authorities.
And of course you can say that dangerous and bad guys benefit greatly, but not forget that there is a strong anti establishment sentiment in many countries among ordinary people and BTC is currently benefiting from that too.

Ok, enough, I am just observer, and this was more than enough of OT post.


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