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Re: COT 11/22-11/28
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Thank you Juan. Can't add anything to your details. I would say that if we combine Glen's, Latam's and your reports, there are three conditions taking place. Yes, the systems are in no rush to buy or sell. Right now they are sellers but other sectors and funds are in the game. There are signs of increased volatility. For day traders the market is improving. At the same time it is status quo as you describe that longs are happy to sell as the market ricses and re-establish their long position on weakness. We can say that you and Glen's comments would subdue volatility, and yet we have observed sharp moves within a narrow range. All I can add is that the tone of the market is increasingly indicating a strenght. I wonder if there is any opinion on the impact of the pending tax bill on commodity markets. Certainly inflation and increased investment are a consideration, but will it trickle down to our market? GT

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