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Market *PIC*

Selling early in the morning was followed by a flatlined and quiet market. The depth of market is fairly populated on both sides of current levels and is balanced. Forwards are not showing much at these prices. The arb is 48.79 and the JanMar RC is trading ar 1 premium. Option expiration is Friday for Jan but the OI is very slim as Jan is an off trading month. The net cumulative position at the 130.00 is a mere 637 lots short as of last Thursday’s close. USDBRL is mid range at 3.2571 unchanged and the COP on Friday closed 2998.58 -17.79. Other currencies are mostly weaker against the $ rendering a higher DX. Bond futures are lower but on the steady side presently. Metals are lower except for palladium and copper and equities are higher and steady. Oil as well as all the softs are lower. Our market is directionless but systems will come in as sellers. We’ll see if other sectors will intervene. Commercials are expected to be present on either side of the range.