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Colombia/ICO Accuracy

Colombia Calls ICO To Report Credible Statistics

COFFEENETWORK (Manizales)- The world’s coffee producing-nations must pressure the International Coffee Organization (ICO) to report credible figures , the general manager of the Colombian Growers’ Federation, Roberto Velez said.

“We never have certainty on coffee consumption figures. Some countries don’t report their production, some don’t report consumption. We must work in conjunction because ICO does not have reliable figures,“ Velez said during a press conference ahead of the 85 annual coffee congress organized by the federation.

In other news, Colombia must be prepared to increase production in the future in case weather disrupts production in Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producing nation.

“In case Brazil, one day fails to produce 20-30 million 60-kg bags, who is going to supply that shortfall,” he said noting that world’s coffee producing nations cannot run the risk of experiencing a shortfall of beans, because consumers will turn to another beverage.

Velez said if all the coffee-departments increase productivity to 21 bags per hectare, like the departments of Antioquia and Caldas, Colombia could add 2.7 million bags of additional output to its annual production. The average productivity in Colombia is 18 bags per hectare,

Velez reiterated that Colombia’s coffee production will end the calendar year at around 14 million 60-kg bags as production in the last quarter of the year will come 30% reduced from the same period last year. Colombia produced 12.6 million bags in January-November, down from 12.9 million bags harvested between January and November 2016.

Colombia will increase productivity because the coffee research center, Cenicafe, is distributing the high-yielding seed Cenicafe 1. This seed will allow increasing density to 7,000-9,000 trees per hectare, sharply higher than the 5,150 coffee trees planted now.

Colombia will renovate 70,000 hectares this year, which will prevent the nation from increasing production because Colombia must renovate 90,000- 100,000 hectares per annum.

Writing by Diana Delgado