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Important USDA Data Alert - COFFEE

The difference between the amount estimated by the USDA for the 2016/17 coffee crop for Brazil, which was 56.10 million bags, but the actual amount produced by Brazil according to the derived crop equation was 49,724,561 bags , then an overestimate corresponding to 6.37 million bags.

If we consider that the USDA announces the harvest expectation for 2017/18 in 51.20, and the Brazilian harvest should be a maximum of 44.77 million bags according to CONAB, we will also have an overestimate of 6.42 million of bags.

In addition to the two-year harvest/crops , the USDA overestimates the Brazilian crops by 12.80 million bags of coffee.

So the coffee market at ICE is a set of cards, anyone who wants to win on the stock market should go after the big investment funds that manipulate all the data in the world, from USDA to the ICO going through the reports of big banks.

There is no fair play.

if millions of people have to go hungry to satisfy a dozen big speculators, the corporate world will close their eyes.

Unfortunately the world is like this, and there will be no one in defense of the poorest, because they can not afford a dinner showered with champaghe.

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Important USDA Data Alert - COFFEE
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