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Five hundred lots bought at the opening was sufficient to set the tone for a buoyant market. Both sides of the depth of market have some scattered resting orders. The forwards have resting bids below current levels. RC is around 43.00 and the JanMar is 3 points premium. It should be interesting to see what systems will do at 8:00. My calculations indicate that they will be buyers between 123.00 and 123.50. So in theory they should still be sellers at current levels. Nevertheless the market remains steady fo now. USDBRL is 3.2811 -.0140 reflecting a steady Real. COP closed on Friday at 2997.99 +1.95. The $ is weak against all currencies providing strength to gold and silver. Bond futures are slightly lower and equities are higher globally. Oil, sugar, cocoa and cotton are all higher.

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Market *PIC*
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