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Consumers See Coffee as a Craft Concern and a Fuel for Fitness, Says Research

CoffeeNetwork (New York) - Analyzing over 186 million social media posts referencing coffee over the course of two years, Foresight Factory, the consumer analytics company specializing in trends, has identified the key trends of the coffee market for 2017 in its latest social media listening report. The findings reveal a consumer base that increasingly embraces a craft culture around the beverage, while novel consumption occasions are also beginning to emerge.

Two prominent trends which reflect this growing perception of coffee as a ‘craft beverage’ are the increasing ‘Instagrammability’ of the drink and the increasing status of the barista.

Over 18 million - almost one in ten - of the social media posts that Foresight Factory analyzed were images or conversation about images of ‘photogenic’, visually attractive coffee. Moreover, this trend has seen huge growth over the period of the period, with 4,446% growth in these kinds of posts. Meanwhile, a smaller but perhaps more insightful trend is the rise of ‘celebrity baristas’ on social media, who showcase their technical and creative coffee-making skills to a burgeoning audience.

While coffee is gaining craft status, consumers are also increasingly drinking it beyond its conventional consumption occasions. A growing association is with health and fitness – this is not only leading to the emergence of the pre-workout coffee, which has seen a growth in social media mentions of 84 per cent, but also the appearance of the ’free from’ cold brew, which taps into a growing desire to cut dairy and sugar.

Alexis Rubinstein