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COT 12/13- 12/19 *PIC*

On this Christmas Eve, I would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !
Reporting period is from 12/13/17 through 12/19/17. The market pushed higher throughout the period, after making the low of 11900 on 12/13. The high of 12380 was made last Monday, before sliding back towards mid-range. In what was a trading range of 4.80 cents, we settled just above 50% of that TR. An interesting report. Once again, large funds/specs have built a record short position. Both gross short and NET. Back to back weeks. The main difference being, this latest record short position comes as the market mustered a nearly 5 cent push higher. See the report below.
I will be away this upcoming week, so this is the last COT report that I will be posting for 2017. Wishing all a profitable year end as we usher in what promises to be a wonderful 2018!

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COT 12/13- 12/19 *PIC*
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