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Thank you Tango.
Very heavy market. It seems the recent COT report gave some breathing room to the fund shorts in the market ?? Or perhaps not enough of the large and small trader longs were able to liquidate longs, thus scrambling to sell now?
Tricky to determine, but we have a very heavy market. Spikes are clearly seen, IMO , as opportunities to sell. TAS now offered -395x , though as Tango touched on, with the re-balance much of this seems to be pre-arranged. Still, as we also see in SB, the presence of TAS is big weight on the market. We are now trading below the 20sma (~12355) and clearly on the defensive. Hard for me to come up with any bullish case at the moment. The large fund/spec short is well advertised but seems to be a non factor, particularly now back down towards the low 1.20s.

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