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CEPEA: '18 Market, Honduras Production

CEPEA: Coffee Sales in Brazil Remain Muted in Early 2018

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – Many sellers consulted by Brazil’s Center of Advanced Studies in Applied Economics (CEPEA) remain out of the market, leaving the coffee business quiet at the beginning of the New Year. The expectation is that most buyers and sellers will return to in the coming weeks.

The CEPEA / ESALQ Indicator for Arabica type 6 closed at R $ 448.34 / 60 kg bag on Tuesday, down 1.53% compared to the previous week.

As for Robusta, the CEPEA / ESALQ indicator of type 6 closed at R $ 351.90 / 60 kg bag on Tuesday, a decrease of 0.94% from last week.

Alexis Rubinstein


Honduras Set to Reach Record Production for 2017-2018 Coffee Crop

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – Honduras is set to produce 10.8 million 46-kg bags for the 2017-2018 coffee crop, Nelson Omar Fúnez, Technical Manager of the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCafe), tells CoffeeNetwork in an interview today. “This would be the highest crop on record,” he says. Exports are pegged at 10.1 million 46-kg bags.

While historically Honduras did have a biennial coffee cycle, the country has been trying very hard to break the “on-year” followed by an “off-year” pattern. “In the last five years, the tendency is to see increases in coffee production through a focus on improved productivity by area,” said Fúnez.

Aside from increased productivity, a renovation post leaf rust problem, new coffee varieties with high potential of production, support to small coffee producer to renovate farms, proper coffee farm management, better practices of fertilizer and financing lines have helped Honduras boost coffee production.

Alexis Rubinstein

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