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Robusta Production '17'18

Brazil’s Main Robusta Growing State Ends 2017-2018 Crop Year with 17.5% Increase in Production

CoffeeNetworkr (New York) – According to the latest data from Brazil’s Incaper, a research institute for Conilon or Robusta coffee, Espirito Santo produced 5.915 million bags of Robusta coffee for the 2017-2018 coffee year, up 17.5% from the previous coffee year.

Despite adverse weather conditions, the increase in production was accredited to a renovation of 7-8% of the crops per year, with more productive clonal varieties, adequate nutrition, pruning, pest and disease management and irrigation.

Espírito Santo is responsible for 62.4% of the total cultivated area of ​​the variety in the country, with 266.47 hectares of conilon cultivated. Because of the drought, many producers have drastically pruned the coffee plantations and eradicated crops. As a result, the conilon coffee production area in the state decreased by more than 10%.

Regarding Arabica coffee, the 2017-2018 crop should see a 25% decrease in production compared to the previous year. Espirito Santo is expected to produce 2.950 million bags. In 2016, the state recorded a record in Arabica production: 3.932 million bags were harvested.

Alexis Rubinstein