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Exportadora Guaxupe

ALF, normally Exp Guaxupe has very aggressive numbers. Maybe market is getting closer to our thoughts. GT

CROP TOUR: Brazil 2018 Arabica-Coffee Crop Seen Smaller Than ‘16

By Fabiana Batista
(Bloomberg) -- Nation’s coffee trees, which had strong production in 2017, are show a low number of beans per plant, despite this typically being a year that should be the higher- yielding half of biennial cycle, says Joao Carlos Hopp Jr., commercial director at Exportadora de Cafe Guaxupe Ltda, an exporting company in Guaxupe, Minas Gerais.
* “Our view is that coffee no longer has a higher-yield cycle that occurs in each two years, but instead in each four. So, Brazil will have a good crop in 2018, but not as good as 2016”
* Lower coffee prices prompted farmers to prune trees, reducing harvest area available in southern Minas Gerais and Cerrado
* Some farmers are delayed in selling coffee from 2017’s crop and forward sales for the coming crop are lower than in previous years
* Co. seen exporting 1.1m bags of coffee in 2018-19 season that starts in July vs 900,000 bags in 2017-18 amid higher output

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