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Re: Volatility, Update
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Hey Tango,
Yes, very noticeable spike in vol. It has been so depressed and I mentioned I think this would help drive this market higher. I think we are seeing the beginning of turn here.
Watch for a settlement of 12345 , which would break a downtrend we have been in since the start of the year. We again have the daily 8ema on an upward trajectory towards the 20sma. IF we finally get a cross, and confirmation of such,
it would be the first time in a while we had a solid BUY signal.
Intra-day as of now "
38.10% 12252
50% 12233
61.80% 12213
Current high of 12315 is basically the 1.381% of yesterdays range(12310).
Early extensions here :


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