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Atté's Weekly Hamburg, 22nd Feb. 2018

Tofu Latte, Wheat Caramel, Corn Crème

The game changers to come – as coffee is too expensive
120 minus 20 ? – forget it, must be minus 21…
The physical market – Trading volumes still running behind expectations. Foremost hand to mouth
business going on but growing. Brazil seeing a regular current crop demand and despite rather large
initial price differences more business was concluded. New crop activities picked up – exporter
ideas, however, trailing somewhat behind trade offers. Vietnam very quiet as much as other Robusta
origins. Colombia remains stuck with ideas well away from buying ideas. Centrals calm.
African Arabica supported by good quality buyers (Kenya/Tanzania) or thrifty buyers that need to
fill their unwashed basket (Ethiopia). Spot activities should pick up greatly soon if judged by the
amount of sampling requests.


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