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Market update

The market has been sliding pretty much all day. We initially bounced around the 12260 level mentioned earlier, but have since found a home ~12200.
No strong feeling at this time. Disappointed (what else is new) with the lack of follow through to the upside.
I do think the settlement will provide a LONG opportunity into the weekend and the COT report. Particularly if we remain in this area.
Patiently waiting for some better opportunity here.
US equities again under pressure though well off the lows. US $ is again lower. We have the US$/Brl : 3.2539 , +0.0024 ( +0.07% ).
Spreads , which have been strong are also a touch softer today.
KCK 12220 last, -1.75. Bouncing off this 1.22 level would be mildly encouraging.