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Great reports by both Kofeinitsa and Tango. What else to add???
J options expire Friday. Macro conditions could prove to pick up in volatility. ADP jobs report solid once again today, 5th straight month of impressive gains (north of 200K).
Equities are set to open lower, but well off the overnight lows (on news of Gary Cohn resignation). I know Wall St. viewed Cohn as friendly, but was such a sell-off warranted?? Perhaps more of the uncertainty in the administration is causing to some discomfort.
Fortunately for myself ( and I am sure others), Cotton has been quite active and a very trade-able market. My focus is there for the time being as KC has become such a tedious market. Will keep an eye on the forward buying that spreads out to H19. Potential outside day reversal higher would be a nice surprise today.

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