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Production dynamics and estimates


I have no knowledge or experience to harvest coffee but have a few curious questions to growers and producers.
I try to understand the dynamics that can be found in the harvest method and when a field is considered harvested completely?
This questions may turn out to be very naive for a coffee grower :)

Assume that the price is A. 100 cents / pound or B.300cents / pound before harvest begins, will the amount harvested partly be controlled by costs as well as the choice of harvest method or methods ?
I think it might be rational thinking to leave ex. at case A. 10% of the harvest when the price is low if the harvest method chosen is not profitable to optimize in order to
harvest 99% of the theoretically possible amount?
Can I also imagine that if a harvesting method leaves 10%, then a supplemental harvesting with another method may be justified when the price is high as in case B.?

A supplementary question is given against the estimates that are made each harvest year,
have some of these estimates taken into account the dynamics that can yield different harvesting volume depending on the current price that could affect how much harvest that is profitable to take out depending on the price picture the current harvest year


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