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In the United States, La Niña may delay the start of soybean planting in the northern states of the country and hinder harvesting in anticipation of frost and snowfall. Situation may reduce productive potential of the American crop

Check out the interview with Luiz Carlos Molion - Climatologist

The climatologist Luiz Carlos Molion pointed out to the Agricultural News on Friday (09) that La Niña is in full swing and that, therefore, a good part of the South of Brazil is suffering from the drought. As indications of the phenomena, he also cites what is occurring in the Northern Hemisphere, with severe winters and low temperatures.

For Molion, La Niña should persist until May and June, subsequently entering neutrality and re-establishing itself for the remainder of the year, continuing until January 2019. In February and March 2019, La Niña should perform poorly.

In the Brazilian winter, the atmosphere will respond to the same impulse. In this way, the production of grains and coffee can be affected by the low temperatures. In the United States, soils will be frozen at planting time and, if this La Niña persists, it may cause problems at harvest time with anticipated frosts.

Molion recalls that the last Brazilian winter was quite cold and that in the first week of January the Sierras of Santa Catarina faced a frost in midsummer.

From the climatic point of view, the climatologist believes that the safrinha will have no problems. However, the south and southeast may have a stronger winter than normal.

By: Aleksander Horta and Izadora Pimenta
Source: Agricultural News

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