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Excellent analysis. Great looking chart and I believe the first P&F chart I have seen posted here in a very long time. Thank you.
I think you make very valid points and I think it goes to some of what Tango has mentioned over the recent weeks. Perhaps the market is happy to remain in this
trading range ?? Now, as you say, with J options off the board, if that layer of K buying sub 1.20 we saw all week is not present, then the market becomes vulnerable and we
likely see roasters fulfilled on their forward buying. This certainly can open the door to the levels mentioned by Nagual. I still maintain the idea of "complacency" (clearly the shorts are), at some point boiling over into an upside rally.
It is starting to seem like it may require a weather event to be such catalyst. So the idea of an expanding (stretching out the downside) trading range may be in order to maintain this degree of value you mention.
Again, excellent contributions, keep the posts coming !

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