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Impressive strength

We are seeing a nice steady market, for the most part, all day.
The most recent high was met with very willing sellers and now the market eases a bit off the 12215 high.
12195-12200 volume of 1,000+. Reminding me of the 1.24 level from March 1-March 2. Unfortunately, the rallies clearly seen as selling opportunities for some and this continues to keep a lid on any real significant push.
12235, 12290 were early extensions.
Downside corrective levels off the current TR (11910-12215).
38.10% 12099
50% 12063
61.80% 12027

While steady, the selling that sits above is bit concerning . Still , a solid performance so far and as of now we are above both the daily 8ema and the 20sma.
Cautiously optimistic (on the long side) for the time being.