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California Warnings

The issue of whether the California judiciary is being extreme in their decision to require warning labels for retail coffee is not relevant imo. I for one will not stop drinking coffee. What is significant is that the decision is on the minds of traders and investors, as well as those in the industry itself. But what is frustrating to me is that the defendants, Starbucks and others, had the opportunity to provide evidence of the benefits of coffee and they did not, or could not. In fact, the judge who made the decision stated that such a decision was reached because the defendants did not present contrary evidence. It seems that they were poorly represented. There is a litany of the benefits of drinking coffee that we so often read in reports. Are these reports to be believed? The defendants will appeal and will hopefully reverse the decision. Let’s see what proof they bring forth on coffee’s attributes. To argue that the decision is not valid however is futile. The market will tell us what is valid. Did the market drop because of the California decision? I would be fooling myself if I said yes, but I did sell the opening. As absurd as the decision by California may have been, to some degree it may be a market factor. There really is no way of knowing for sure.

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