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Strong support KCK18 x USDBRL (Tango)

Thank you Tango. Is it possible to know how many May / July spreads were traded today? I believe the amount has been very large. I want to see tomorrow if the number of OI continues to increase. I have a personal feeling that should come with a decrease. We'll know tomorrow. The real should open with great appreciation, reverberating Lula's judgment in the Federal Supreme Court. This trial is not over yet and should go overnight. But the result is not difficult to predict. He will be condemned and imprisoned.

In my view this appreciation of the real will prevent further price falls in the KC contract tomorrow. I believe that the price at closing tomorrow will be higher than today's closing although there are no news in the fundamental aspect.

On 04/13/2018 we will have the options LTD of May. In your opinion, how close are the options expiration, should prices become flatter or with more sudden movements?

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Strong support KCK18 x USDBRL = 385.00 *PIC*
Re: Strong support KCK18 x USDBRL (Romel)
Strong support KCK18 x USDBRL (Tango)
Re: Strong support KCK18 x USDBRL = 385.00
Contracts traded yesterday: 85,241