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Volcafe: Revised Coffee Supply Deficit

Volcafe Upwardly Revises Forecast for Coffee Supply Deficit in 2017-2018

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – In their latest quarterly report, Volcafe has upwardly revised their forecast for a supply deficit for the 2017-2018 crop year to 8.4 million bags, up 2.2 million bags from their previous estimate. This includes a Robusta deficit of 3.1 million bags and an Arabica deficit of 5.3 million bags.

The expectation of a larger deficit was due, in part, to growing demand, which Volcafe expects to increase 2.1% compared to their initial estimate of 1.9% growth.

For Brazil, Volcafe has forecast the new crop (2018-2019) at 61.8 million bags, including 44.2 million bags of Arabica and 17.6 million bags of Robusta.

Alexis Rubinstein