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KC Monthly big pic, I've Got a Feeling

Ten years back, seeing the $3 high, some broad cycles that we seem to be right on the beat now, low node. Just a move up to the downtrend line takes price to about $1.40 The declining wedge is outlined by red dots. We are on bedrock support. We are at a cycle low node. The street is calling for 115, 110, even 100 as a certain and foregone conclusion. Let's get vertical!
"I've Got a Feeling" is a song by the Beatles, from the 1970 album Let It Be. It is one of the songs on the album from the Beatles' rooftop concert. It is a combination of two unfinished songs: Paul McCartney's "I've Got a Feeling", and John Lennon's "Everybody Had a Hard Year".

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KC Monthly big pic, I've Got a Feeling
KC May options expire Friday the 13th