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Clean Label Project: Acrylamide Update

New Study Deems Acrylamide Undetectable in Coffee

CoffeeNetwork (New York) – Following the ruling of California’s Proposition 65 where coffee companies may need to add a warning label to their products due to the presence of naturally occurring acrylamide, which has been deemed a carcinogen, a new study has been launched to determine just how much acrylamide is present in coffees as a result of the roasting process.

Clean Label Project ran an experiment to better understand the acrylamide exposure risk from brewed coffee.

The study compared the amount of acrylamide found in brewed coffee versus America’s favorite fast food French fries. Major coffee brands such as McCafe, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks were all tested. In total, the study tested 13 popular coffee brands.

The results of the study showed that acrylamide was not detected in any of the 13 coffee samples, whereas an average of 453 parts per billion (ppb) was detected in the French fries.

Looking further, the study revealed the average amount of acrylamide in a cup of coffee is 1.77 micrograms/serving where as a large order of French fries has 75.76 micrograms/serving. Someone would have to drink 42.7 cups of coffee to equal the amount of exposure of acrylamide as a large French fry order.

Alexis Rubinstein