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2 hour foretelling fork? Tally-ho! *PIC*

It's all about finding the right kitchen utensil. Here is a 2 hour candlestick thingamajig with a fork drawn that uses the recent contract low as an anchoring pivot. Seems to comfortably contain the price movement, so far. Let's see if that lower tine on the fork can lift coffee price and catapult it up to swing onto the upper rungs. Intriguing gap window extending through time and being repeatedly tested no less than 8 times! The final 3 candle minuet resembles a bit of a tri-star corner, so tantalizingly occurring at the junction of gap zone and lower fork tine. The stochastics beckon bottom with a seductive curve to their legs, suggestive of a sweet derriere and fun to come. I'm buying this tasty bit as soon as coffee opens her eyes this morning. Tally-ho! (Tally-ho is a very old traditional cry made by the huntsman to tell others the quarry has been sighted.)

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2 hour foretelling fork? Tally-ho! *PIC*
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