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One knows that they've made the 'Big Time' when you read about yourself in the prestigious morning coffee market report! Now, "projections"?!?
Well, let's start with some givens. Coffee has absorbed every kind of bearish news that can be imagined. A crop that at each estimation continues to grow larger and larger. That at the same time is deemed cancer causing, even necessitating labeling to that effect. Sentiment is below the dumps. When 'Whoodhini" proposed the idea of a party, it was immediately met with a reply from JQ wondering if it is to celebrate lower prices! Now, that's bad! To give you an idea of how really bad it is, the ultimate permabull par excellence, the devout LaBusyBee is among the missing now, Gone, who knows where, along with over half the forum's previously active participants. Why, even famed Monsieur Jack Scoville is a mere shadow of his former self. Now, is his last name spelled incorrectly here on this forum message board or is this a different person? This issue has plagued me for over a year! I have yet to get some of Alf's coffee from him.

And speaking of the weather Doctor Alf... Really sad to see a man so broken that he responds to me with "NO JOY!" during one of his brief rare appearances. Oh, dare I forget the Mexico guy Phil, perhaps submerged beneath an ocean of fine Italian wine bottles and his specialty coffees that he prefers above all women... JK taking a whole chapter out of my old playbook. Instead of asking you all for professional guidance at the outset, gets tangled up with buying short lived call options and is stuck holding the bag right into expiration. Do I know that agony! But, needing $1.28 plus, whoa!

Where is freeze/frost premium??? Hello? Everyone dressed in Bermuda shorts and tank tops, winter, who, what??? Look, I think that the bottom has been quietly put in already, right in front of all of our faces. So delicately, so softly, so quietly as to go unnoticed. And we go up from here. Sure FND fixations should put a lid on things. But with the supposed historic number of short rabbits frolicking in the forest, the mere hint of a cold wolf may send them for cover. By my experience, it would coincide somewhat with that proposed by nagual! Options will be pinned to $1.20, maybe $1.25. But after that, she uncorks.

U.S. Dollar is King Kong in New York right now, yet all Softs are cool with that. And our Mexican Peso rides shotgun us, the very best currency to invest in right now. Sugar sure seems to have caught a foothold finally. Even OJ shows a fork support common to all the softs. Am thinking that the turn is now in the works. Easy does it. I must avoid over leveraging already highly leverage instruments. The WORST thing is to be shook out right here and get left behind. I'll get a chart out later that proves that every soft has bottomed. Take your pick and buy. And thank you Mr Tango, for the thought!

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Re: Market, (o.m.G!)--BEST POST !!!