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Re: Market, (o.m.G!)--BEST POST !!!
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DIRT !! LOL!!!

We needed some laughs in here. All the useless posting (which was in normal market times VERY USEFUL POSTING). Everyone here wishing for the best to see if we can get a penny or two on either side to celebrate. This post my friend, is the best in months. I always loved your picturesque sense of humor and missed it for a while.

No Joy, some good ol military pilots use "Tally Ho" as an affirmation of spotting traffic when warned by Air Traffic Control. And coversely "No Joy" when something gone amissed. I thought my reply was appropriate as I still see this market going nowhere. But you are right it is a pre requisite to a market turnaround.

Jack has mispelled his user name here but it is him. I am sure he will lurk in here and we can ask him to send some of our coffee your way.

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Re: Market, (o.m.G!)
Re: Market, (o.m.G!)--BEST POST !!!
Re: Market, (o.m.G!)--BEST POST !!!