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COT report 4/13 *PIC*

Latest COT report.

Reporting period : 4/4/18 through 4/10/2018.

Trading range : 11945-11595 (traded down).

Settlement : 11760 (+1.00).

Total OI change : -4,613.

Another very boring and lackluster period. Note, the range of barely 3.50 cents.
Not much to say. The market is boring and not worthy of much commentary aside from what we get here daily. I wish I had more to say, I simply don't.
Another period where the high was made early on and the low on the final reporting day. We have seen this quite often of late. I am more curious to see how the OI looks on Monday morning as K8 options expired in a very uninspiring session. The market remains very heavy from a trading standpoint. Spikes are often brief and as I continue to say, have provided good entries for willing shorts. Personally, this market has been very difficult to trade and lacking many of the opportunities that I have come to expect of KC over the years. I would guess that this soon turns and things become a bit more active. Ultimately, we remain in trading range,one which in the long term is stretching a bit to the downside. In the short term, contracting quite a bit. Hope that makes sense. Something has to give. I look forward to Tango and others commenting on this latest report. In the meantime, I will go enjoy this touch of summer here in the tri-state area.
Good trading.

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COT report 4/13 *PIC*
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