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High/Lows Likely Tested/ LA Row Crops Vs. Coffee
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Reacting to fake news re a Chinese trade settlement, Beans closed higher yesterday, but retraced overnight.

As noted by others, impossible to trade weather and/or politics.

Unlike wheat, corn and meal, beans have not made new highs.

Some sort of trade brief seems likely and prices will no doubt react accordingly. Indeed, the highs and or lows of the season could be tested.

Total U.S. bean exports in March were comparable with last year. April also seems comparable with last year. Current bean exports lag the USDA’s annual estimate and while outstanding sales are a record high, there is no guarantee they will be shipped.

In addition to increased Chinese acreage, Latin American bean acreage will expand and further marginalize American farmers. The morally bankrupt American media is too incompetent to support anything that makes sense for America, but Trump is right to challenge the ongoing Chinese thievery of intellectual and military property at the highest level. Frankly, the world would be better off if their junk products were dumped in the ocean. Nevertheless, decades of incompetent U.S. leadership at the national level and a lack of infrastructural investment will further compound the problems facing American farmers.. The outlook for the U.S. dollar and the Brazilian REAL remain impossible to predict.

Wheat and corn will no doubt be supported on all breaks for now, but don’t really know about beans. Nothing special about beans. Other fishing holes may be more appropriate.

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High/Lows Likely Tested/ LA Row Crops Vs. Coffee
High/Lows Likely Tested/ LA Row Crops Vs. Coffee
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