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Market *PIC*

Buying was present at the opening bell and shortly after. Since then the market has remained in the unchanged area with little trading. RC volume is higher and prices there are steadier than kc with the arb at 41.38. Spreads in both markets are soft but RC spreads are still commanding a premium. Friday may bring surprises. Last Friday we rallied 3 cents approximately. The longs continue to be defensive as the robotic funds buy. The depth of market is evenly balanced but most of the interest by both sides increases at around 8:00. The Real recovered yesterday to close the USDBRL at around 3.2582. COP is 2857.90 +.29. Most currencies are down against the $ while bond futures are slightly steady. Metals are slightly lower, oil is higher and equities lower. Sugar is higher while the other softs are lower.